Assistance With Moving The Muscles And Joints

If you’ve experienced an injury or have a health issue that has resulted in severe pain and an inability to move like you’re accustomed to, then consider physical therapy. Aside from keeping the muscles and the joints mobile after surgery or after an injury, there are several other benefits that you’ll notice after physical therapy in Brandon, FL. A primary benefit of therapy is that it can help to alleviate pain. The stimulation of the joints and muscles can assist in relieving pain that you experience as a result of a variety of medical issues along with electrical stimulation and other treatments.

Physical therapy can sometimes assist in healing from an injury so that you don’t need surgery. However, if there are any severe issues as a result of an injury or another health issue, then you might want to consider surgery at some point after trying physical therapy as another option. If you have any issues with standing or walking, then physical therapy can help to stimulate your muscles so that you don’t experience as much pain while performing these activities. Your therapist can assist in finding a cane, walker, or another device that can be used when you’re walking or standing so that there isn’t as much pressure on your legs, feet, or back.

After a significant health issue, such as a stroke or a heart attack, you might not have the full function of some areas of your body that you had before. A physical therapist can work with you to regain some of the mobility that you once had while teaching you new techniques to try if you are unable to use some of your muscles and joints in a normal fashion. Age-related issues that include arthritis can also be addressed by a physical therapist, possibly preventing the need for joint replacement.