How to Choose Your Next Dentist

Maybe your old dentist retired. Maybe it’s been so long since you sat in a dental chair that you can’t even remember who your old dentist was. Whatever your reasons for seeking someone new, there are steps that you can take to ensure that you only find the best. Here are a few suggestions for choosing your next dentist.

Ask for Recommendations

Does your coworker have a dazzlingly white smile? Has your friend recently suffered through a root canal? Ask them about their dentists. Even if they had a terrible experience and want to warn you away from the clinic that they used, it’s still information that can help you as you create a shortlist of potential dentists. Knowing how to avoid the bad eggs is just as important as locating the good ones.

Do Your Homework

Once you’ve made that list of names, it’s time to start sifting through them and striking off the ones that don’t meet your requirements. Which dentists have the worst reviews? Which ones have only been in business for six months? Which ones have rigid office hours that don’t suit your schedule? Don’t be afraid to make drastic cuts to your list. You’ll want to be fully comfortable and compatible with your chosen dentist, and that means avoiding the ones that will cause you trouble.

Schedule a Consultation

A consultation will allow you to talk with a prospective dentist before you actually climb in their chair. You can ask questions, discuss options and gauge their general level of knowledge and competency. You can also determine if they have a personality type that suits yours. If you two don’t mesh well, you can thank them for their time and leave; the nice thing about a consultation is that it comes without strings or obligations.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you choose your next dentist. Whether you’re looking for a simple cleaning or a whole series of dental implants Arlington Heights IL, let these suggestions guide you in your search for a qualified dental professional.