Human Growth Hormone for Penis Enlargement

What happens during puberty? Well, we grow of course, and our bones lengthen, thus we become taller, our muscle mass increases, and our penis grows from tiny carrots nubs into cucumbers. Why do we have this massive growth change during puberty? The answer is through an enormous release of Human Growth Hormone during those teenage years.

Natural HGH Releasers

HGH Releasers are supplements that raise our natural levels of HGH by 20 to 25 percent. One particular study showed that the supplement promoted an average of a 28 percent improvement in the Human Growth Hormone levels in adult men. They actually containno Human Growth Hormone, but they do contain the precursors also known as the building blocks of HGH.

When these type of supplements are taken over six months, they provide the correct amount of amino acids that our bodies need to produce the Human Growth Hormone. In other words, they stimulate your pituitary gland into creating more and more HGH – just like in adolescence.

Different to HGH injections, so you’re not relying on a donor Human Growth Hormone, you’re just stimulating your body into creating more of your own: which is a lot more natural and safer.

Personal Experiences

Take Derek for example, after six months of the best quality HGH releaser; he noticed some tangible, positive changes. He gained about 12 lbs of muscle. There was no change in weight. BUT there was an increase in the biceps by about 1 ½ inches, chest by 3 inches and thighs by 2 inches. Derek’s body fat ratio had fallen dramatically: Before taking an HGH releaser, his body fat hovered around 20 percent. Currently, he’s about 12 percent body fat, with abs that are fully defined for the first time in years; and his body transformation has gone from stocky to lean. In this case, he didn’t grow in stature — that would be asking a bit too much don’t you think?  But his physique is transformed, with significantly more muscular, and increased energy levels.

Has it improved his penis size?

No, but he ended up adding two inches already the hard way — several months of intensive penile traction and exercise. Thankfully, there are much easier ways to lengthen the penis nowadays than through repetitive penile traction and exercise. For more information visit Man Cave, Australia’s first non surgical penis enlargement clinic in Sydney.

The Bottom Line…

HGH Releasers can efficiently stimulate your production of HGH, making it worth a try even if it doesn’t exactly lengthen your penis. From making you more focused to increasing muscle mass and slashing body fat; HGH could be the elixir to many of our physical woes.