Make the Most of Your Summer Body

Don’t Hide Behind Your Towel

Too often once summer arrives, all of the fitness regimes and dieting you put yourself through in the winter and spring comes to nothing. Even though you’re proud of your body, you discover that now you have problems with your skin. Perhaps you’re starting to see wrinkles that you swore weren’t there a few weeks ago. Or maybe you’ve noticed spider veins on your legs that are causing you embarrassment or anxiety about being seen. These are all understandable reactions. By utilizing advanced dermatology Colorado services at Colorado Skin Care, you can be sure your body is completely ready to show off at the beach.


Services For You

As mentioned before, if those pesky spider veins are causing you grief, then you may want to consider undergoing Colorado Skin Care’s Sclerotherapy. This is an easy procedure in which a sclerosing solution is injected into those troublesome veins. They’re sealed, and those spider veins will fade. In a short amount of time, you won’t see those veins at all!

For those who want a little help with wrinkles but aren’t interested in invasive procedures, there’s a service just for you. Lumecca therapy essentially uses the power of light to correct pigmentation on your skin and sun damage. This is a non-invasive procedure that requires no downtime afterward. You can just lay back, undergo the procedure, and head right back into doing whatever it was you were up to before. Lumecca also acts quickly. Some patients have noticed results as soon as a week later. So, if you’re tired of seeing those red-tinted cheeks and sun damaged areas, then you can undergo an easy procedure to bring back the full vibrancy of your skin.

No matter what skin problem you’re facing, there’s no reason you should have to fret over it in today’s world. There are so many procedures just waiting for you to utilize to receive the most from your body and skin.